API v1 Documentation



For getting a successful response from the API server, you are required to pass your api_key and pid in every request.

To get your api_key

  • Go to
  • Once logged in, click on "Account" in the navigation links and scroll down to API section.
  • The value in the Api Key field is your key.
  • Your pid will be listed below the Api Key field.

Example: API url structure

Example: response (JSON)


                         "data": {...}



                        "error_message": "error message"



This method retrieves all the offers available to the publishers.


Parameter name Required Type Description
api_key Yes String A secret key generated for you. See Authentication
pid Yes Number Publisher's id in our platform. See Authentication
limit No Number The number of offers to fetch in one page. Default is 1000 and max value is 1000
page No Number The page number to get. Default is 1
status No String Offer status, should be either active or paused
ids No Array (Number) An array of offer IDs to filter by

Data fields
Key Type Description
id int The id of the offer in our platform
name String Name/Title of the offer
description String Description of the offer and additional info
redirect_url String The tracking link for the offer. (Is null if value for approval field is not 'approved' )
preview_url String Landing page url of the offer
creative_url String Url to download all creatives ( .zip file )
offer_type String Type of this offer. "CPI or CPA"
payout Number (double) Flat payout for this offer in USD.
daily_conversion_cap Number The number of maximum conversions per day
status string The current status of the offer. Is either active or paused
approval string Approval status of this offer for publisher. Is either approved,required or pending
target_countries Array (String) An array of country codes (ISO) to which this offer is restricted to. ex: ["IN","US","DE"]
target_os Array (String) An array of operating systems to which this offer is restricted to. ex: ["Android","iOS"]
blocked_sources Array (String) An array of sub_pub which are blocked from running this offer. ex: ["asdfasdfasdf","13254"]

You may want to append some parameters and placeholders to the redirect_url. Below are all available parameters.

Parameter Description Postback macro
ref_id Click id or transaction id from your system {ref_id}
sub_pub Source id {sub_pub}
device_id GAID or IDFA value {device_id}
app_name App name or site name {app_name}
custom1 Any custom value. Max length 225 {custom1}
custom2 Any custom value. Max length 225 {custom2}

Example: Success Response

                                "name":"Test offer US, DE Android",
                                "description":"This offer is amazing. KPI: blah blah blah",



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